Diammonium hydrogen phosphates


Product name: Diammonium hydrogen phosphates, Diammonium phosphate (DAP)
Molecular formula: (NH4)2HPO4
Molecular weight:  132.056
CAS NO.: 7783-28-0
Properties and uses: Diammonium hydrogen phosphates, also known as Diammonium phosphate (DAP), is a compound with the chemical formula (NH4)2HPO4. It is a white crystalline powder or granular substance that is easily soluble in water.

Diammonium hydrogen phosphates is an important source of nitrogen and phosphorus and has a variety of applications in agriculture and other industries. Diammonium hydrogen phosphates is commonly used in agriculture as a source of nitrogen and phosphorus, two essential nutrients needed for plant growth. It can increase crop yield and improve the quality of agricultural products. In laboratory and industrial settings, Diammonium hydrogen phosphates is used as a buffer to help control and maintain stable pH levels in a variety of solutions and processes. It is used as a flame retardant in a variety of materials, including wood, textiles and plastics. It reduces the flammability of these materials and is often used to make fire-retardant coatings. In analytical chemistry, Diammonium hydrogen phosphates is used to prepare reagents and standard solutions for chemical tests and analyses. It can also be used in electroplating processes to provide a phosphorus source. Similar to other phosphate compounds such as potassium dihydrogen phosphate (KDP), Diammonium hydrogen phosphates is used for single crystal growth in nonlinear optical and electro-optical applications. It is an important material for frequency doubling crystals, electro-optical modulators and other devices. Diammonium hydrogen phosphates is used in a variety of industrial processes such as detergents, ceramics and metal surface treatment to provide nitrogen and phosphorus. In the pharmaceutical industry, Diammonium hydrogen phosphates is used as an excipient in tablet formulations and other drug manufacturing processes.


Diammonium hydrogen phosphates ‘s versatility in providing nitrogen and phosphorus, buffering properties, and flame retardant properties make it a valuable compound in agriculture, chemical processing, and various industries.

Standard: HG/T4132-2021




IndicatorsUnitFirst-class productSecond-class product
Appearance/White or colorless crystal
Ammonium dihydrogen phosphate≥%99.099.0
Total nitrogen≥%20.820.8
Phosphorus pentoxide≥%5353
pH value10g/L7.6-8.27.6-8.2
Moisture content≤%0.20.2
Heavy metals (calculated by lead)≤%0.0050.001
Water insoluble matter≤%0.10.1
Solubility (at 22℃)g/L360.0


Diammonium hydrogen phosphates


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